Serving for over a Decade with Integrity, Strength, and Experience.

Welcome to Ingardus

Ingardus TeamIngardus’ principals, Michael Kilkenny and Angela Ohlmann, formed Ingardus to provide an alternative to the typical consultant and examiner. Having previously held multiple critical roles as regulator, Big 4 auditor and industry executives, they saw an opportunity for valuable business and regulatory advisors that actually “get it.”

Ingardus offers an alternative. Ingardus specializes in complex situations and provides value through integrity, strength and experience.

Insurance can be complicated

Products and terms can be complex

Regulations can be confusing

Compliance can be difficult

Building and maintaining efficient and profitable insurance and related businesses can be challenging

Let Ingardus help you

Toll Free Number: 1 (833) 562-1122

Ingardus provides two primary categories of services:

Insurance Advisory Services – We provide insurance regulatory and consulting services for simple to extremely complex insurance matters.
Forensic Accounting Services – Our CPAs calculate financial-related losses and perform complex fraud investigations.

External to the Insurance Industry

We help answer your insurance-related questions and meet your forensic accounting needs, including suspected fraud, insurance policy reviews and product suitability…

Insurers and Related Businesses

We provide additional resources needed for you to capitalize on an opportunity or to mitigate an issue…

Insurance Regulators

We provide receivership services, market conduct services, Form A assistance and resources for special projects…
"The outcome was better than we could have imagined. We are most grateful that you recognized the flaws in the policy and were so willing to work for us in resolving them. " - Sr. Margaret Stallmeyer, Provincial Treasurer, Congregation of Divine Providence
"You went beyond what was expected or what most people would do and gave us all the courage and hope we needed in order to seek justice. Loyalty, a hand shake agreement and integrity are unfortunately no longer the norm of doing business. " - Sr. Susan Durkin, President, Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland